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Inspired by Dave Hakkens's Precious Plastic project, Plastic Maravilha seeks to bring free training for the assembly of a mini plastic recycling plant, from machine construction to the production of various objects, using recycled plastic as the main raw material. The project aims to make this material recycling a more artistic and accessible process, so that all the plastic consumed is recycled locally and the artisans are stimulated to develop techniques and productions, utilising* the material they consume, creating technical artists that can multiply these knowledge in their communities and neighboring regions.


In this first fase there will be the construction of the machines: crusher and extruder, that will take place in the Pandavas Institute, in the city of Monteiro Lobato, coordinated by Plastic Maravilha team and invited technicians. There will be also a talk and four Workshops (Introduction to Digital Fabrication, Manual Modeling, Free Software Design, 3d Software Modeling) aim to bring  awareness about the basic concepts of modeling and the creation of objects, so that the attendent themselves find different ways of exploring this material. Tutorials and guides on the construction of machines and materials will be available for free on this website for those interested, so they can multiply and develop this project in their region. The last month will be reserved so that interested parties can visit the project.

Marcela Guerra


Photographer and

Advisor of Press

Melissa Rahal


Beauty Salon Digital and 2D drawing

Juliana Fiebig

Multimedia Artists

Technical Artists


Maurizio Zelada

José   Cézar

Multimedia Artists

Luisa Pereira


Antônio Celso

Technical Artists


Sarah Araújo

Graphic and

Web Design